I WOULD like to bring your attention to what is a local historic building and what it has ended up like today.

The working men’s mission on Thewlis Street was built by the Crosfield family, which as many people in the area will know was a famous employer in the area going back 200 years.

Ask any local and they will all affectionately know who ‘Joe Soap’ was.

The building was built in pleasant red brick in fitting with the area.

Unfortunately, the present owners, Hope Church, have decided to paint all the walls a dark battleship grey.

Even some of the windows have been painted over.

It is now an eyesore.

People in the area keep asking me what has happened.

With great dismay I agree with them as they say what a shame, what a state, what a sad looking building, what a dismal outlook.

Poor Gertrude Crosfield, whose name is on a stone plaque – almost obliterated with paint – at the front of the building, would be turning in her grave.