IN reference to the letter by Bert Forman (Warrington Guardian, June 3).

I believe the problem re fly-tipping is possibly due to our tips being handed over to private enterprise who look to being profitable by cutting the costs of disposal, and so will only accept rubbish from genuine householders or registered rubbish removals etc.

This means that many of whom will give cheaper quotes to remove rubbish and unwanted items just fly tip it.

They would use the tip if otherwise allowed, this saving on much clean up costs of such dumping.

Rubbish is rubbish at the end of the day.

If I am correct in this understanding, the council should have kept our tips in-house rather than doing some of the speculating that has many of us questioning their actions and judgement in such matters.


ON Wednesday, June 2, a white builders' bag full of garden debris was dumped in the middle of the road - being a danger to both traffic and pedestrians.

A resident dragged it onto the far pavement along side the ship canal.

I decided to report it to the council, who asked me to take it to the tip.

I told him I was 82 and did not have a pickup truck.

In the next 10 minutes he then asked a load of computer generated questions.

This is obviously commercial waste and deliberately dumped.

It is still there and will be up to five weeks before it is collected.

J WHITBY Warrington

HAS anybody else tried to use the tip lately?

I think it would be easier to break into the Bank of England at times than simply drop off a few bags of rubbish.

First the queues.

No matter what time of day you go, expect a long wait.

I went to Stockton Heath twice at 8.30am, only both times to be told it was shut and there would be a 20-minute wait while the bins were swapped.

Fair enough, but why say it is open when it is not.

Just unlock the gates at 9am.

Second, when you go in, you are interrogated like you have committed a crime.

What are you throwing in there and why?

I had a tiny bit of brick rubble and could not leave it there, I had to take it to Gatewarth.

I could have fitted it in my hat.

I wonder if someone is trying to close Stockton Heath by stealth.

I recycle everything.

But it makes you think it would be easier just to leave it in the black bin.

The attitude seems wrong and recycling and going to the tip is nothing but a terrible experience.

BILL MANNION Stockton Heath