LAST Saturday morning, I picked my nephew up to go for a visit to a care home in Burtonwood.

On the return journey we came along Hollins Lane, and coming up to the traffic lights facing the church at Winwick there was a group of six to seven cyclists across the road.

As I was approaching the traffic lights they moved into the kerb, and as I was turning right at the lights kept my car to the right and drove around the cyclists.

One of the men used disgusting language as he neared the passenger side, and my nephew asked him not to use language like that and said I had not cut them up.

As he passed the car he again used abusive language and my nephew again told him that his language was not acceptable, but then all of the cyclists brought their bikes to the front of my car and when the lights turned green they slowly rode in front of me blocking my right of way.

This was a really frightening experience, and if I has been on my own I don’t know what would have happened.

These men have given their club a very bad name because of their abusive and illegal behaviour.