I AM glad to see so many reports of new housing developments in our town centre.

It seems clear to me that without people living and by association working and socialising in Warrington town centre, it risks dying.

Why is Stockton Heath so vibrant?

It has lots of people living close by with easy access, and a lot of younger people with money to spend.

Having the same in the town centre is desirable, especially if the planned university move takes off.

What worries me is the rather piecemeal nature of it.

An eight-storey block here, a four-storey one 200 yards away, a converted historic building there.

Where is the continuity and planning of say the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool or Spinningfields in Manchester.

I hope we don’t look round in say a decade and think ‘what a shame it wasn’t better planned’.

The town centre could be saved by what we do now.

So a little care and thought could help everyone in the longer term.