GARY Bebbington’s letter ‘Question Time’ Opinion, May 20, is worthy of response.

I have no wish to become embroiled in a political argument, nevertheless I agree there is a need for changes among those chosen to represent our interests at local level.

In the Rixton/Woolston ward, we have three councillors.

Two of the seats are now occupied by Conservatives, and the other remains in the hands of an existing Labour councillor.

I have been reading the propaganda circulated by the Labour Party prior to the municipal elections.

In this they claim credit for ‘improvement to road surfaces, pavements and paths’; ‘dealing with fly-tipping and litter’; and ‘dealing with speeding and parking issues, particularly near schools’.

I consider such claims to be incredible.

Historically I have referred such issues to our remaining Labour councillor.

He has not had the courtesy to respond.

The road surface on Somerset Way is pitted with potholes and reminiscent of a farm track.

The municipal car park at the rear of Bank House was a total disgrace, and parking outside a local school at peak times is dangerous not only to children but also to motorists and other road-users.

These are local rather than political issues.

I consider the propaganda document to be, in effect, Labour’s manifesto for this ward.

Through your column, perhaps the Labour councillor might be invited to outline his proposals to deliver that manifesto.