CAN I please appeal to get some rubbish removed that was flytipped outside my house months ago?

When residents from a property behind me vacated in October 2020, they left untold amounts of furniture and other household goods outside my front door.

Two weeks later, the furniture was removed but they must not have wanted to take their rubbish with them as several black bags of rubbish were thrown into the shrubbery at the gable end of my property.

I was unwilling to move the bags as I had no idea of the content and whether that may have included needles or such like.

I have followed the proper channels with the council (phone calls and letters) in an attempt to get this rubbish removed.

To date, I have received no response.

My local councillor, Brian Maher, contacted Torus on my behalf six weeks ago.

Torus advised that they would look into this and arrange for the rubbish to be cleared.

Yet the rubbish is still there.

You will understand my frustration at reading the article in the Warrington Guardian of the council boasting of their achievements, and yet for seven months I have been trying to get flytipped rubbish removed.

Now that spring is upon us, the shrubs are now in leaf and the rubbish is out of sight.

Doesn’t that sound like an old saying?

TOMMY SWIFT Houghton Green