I WAS saddened to hear of the recent passing of Chris Culleton aka ‘the Longford Lover’.

The Longford entertained us Warringtonians as a DJ for many years at venues such as The Carlton and The Lion.

On one occasion, he attempted to stop me and a couple of mates from being beaten up in the first floor concert room at the Lion.

The three of us were set upon by a gang of Widnes lads.

Chris, resplendent in his tuxedo (he adopted his bohemian persona in middle age), dived off the stage into the melee and was promptly decked by one of the assailants.

Order was quickly restored by the late great Bill Medland as several Widnesian bodies were seen tumbling down the stairs before unceremoniously being shown the front door.

In latter years, the Longford was the resident DJ at Warrington Rugby Club.

I can still recall his familiar strain “Another bucket of mild for the Longford,” which he shouted to the bar between tracks.

A true legend and a ‘Warrington Man’.

Contrary to his own lyrics, he did give a damn.

RIP Chris and sincere condolences to your family.

MIKE WILLIAMS Stockton Heath