I WANT to extend my thanks to everyone at The Halliwell Jones Stadium and the staff at Warrington Wolves on Monday night.

I was in many ways desperate to get back to watching Wolves having been forced to spend the past years watching via TV or Guardian updates.

But I was also apprehensive.

I have barely left the house or been in the company of more than 10 people, never mind 4,000.

However I felt extremely safe and secure.

We were miles from anybody else with lots of space and it was easy to get through the turnstiles.

Obviously within a few weeks, hopefully more fans can return too.

For a couple of hours it was great not to have to worry about coronavirus and have your mind on other things.

The game was enjoyable too (if a little frustrating).

But the result did not matter.

It was just the opportunity to be back where we belong and feel normal again.

To rub shoulders with others.

And shout forward or offside again.

Long may it continue.