YOU reported last year about Great Sankey Leisure Centre not being fit for purpose for elite swimmers, the poor ventilation resulted in athletes’ persistent coughing and difficult breathing.

This resulted in teams no longer using the facility and using the other local Livewire pools.

Since Covid the swimmers training program has been reduced quite a bit and also they have lost the use of certain centres. They have been mainly directed towards Broomfields but with only having four lanes it is not fit for the elite training program.

We have also been pushed back to Sankey on a Monday night.

Tonight resulted in the swimmers finishing their training set early due to bouts of coughing and difficult breathing, obviously the issue hasn’t been resolved from last time, this isn’t acceptable.

The overall attitude from Livewire towards the elite swimming program is below par, we have lost quite a bit of pool time, don’t have as much access to Orford Jubilee pool of an evening, a pool that was purposely built to support the swimmers.

Kathleen Dawson was one who is now going to the Olympics this year.

All the swimmers over the past 16 months due to Covid just want to get back to there full program before Covid happened, but we seem to have been pushed to one side.

Some of these swimmers could follow in Kathleen`s footsteps. Please put the kids first.