I HOPE the moaners and complainers will shut up for a while.

Because Warrington voters have spoken again.

An overwhelmingly Labour majority at the Town Hall for the next few years.

So all those regular letter writers who like to complain about a north-south bias, about the roads, or planning or the debt, can see what most people in Warrington want.

Namely a Labour council.

We live in a good town with a lot going for it.

The town centre has been rebuilt, investment and business is better than anywhere else in the north west.

Unemployment is virtually non-existent.

Not everything is perfect but where is?

So enjoy where you live and be proud.

The electorate have spoken and it is time to move on.


LABOUR is on borrowed time in Warrington.

The massive wins for the Tories at the local elections show the tide is turning.

Not everyone is going to simply stick with Labour no matter what.

Plenty of people have worries about the debt levels and the future of our green belt and have fired a warning shot.

Either change your ways or lose your grip.

Look at the north east.

Nowhere is guaranteed any more and Labour cannot ignore the people.