HOW sad do I feel today?

What has happened to my hometown?

I have not shopped since lockdown and was so looking forward to a good old root in the shops with my pal.

What shops?

As a 59-year-old woman there is nowhere to spend your money.

I feel it is no longer my town centre.

I used to say there was no need to go out of town, I can buy everything I need here and enjoy the social interaction with old pals as I always bumped into old acquaintances.

I used to say it was a pleasure shopping in Warrington.

Sadly those days are gone. Not sure who is responsible – high rents? I honestly do not know.

Too many new houses and lots of folk moving into them but it will feel like one long lockdown with nowhere to go.

Please sort it councillors or Warrington will become a ghost town.

VAL LITTLER Great Sankey