I WOULD like to thank the people of Orford for the support over my 38 years.

I would like to think I tried my best as I leave you with Orford Jubilee Park, and no waste transfer station, and with the thousands of enquiries and complaints I have dealt with over the years.

On a wider base I would like to thank the people of Warrington and the many partners I have worked with in the town.

A new town centre, Cultural Quarter and Warrington Market have all been part of my vision.

Bringing the River Mersey into the town was one of my ambitions which I hope will come to fruition one day.

I am also pleased to have been part of a team that retained Warrington’s Super League place with purchase of the land at Wilderspool and the new Halliwell Jones Stadium.

My only sadness is the two terrorist attacks at the gas works and town centre.

But I strongly believe that the response of Warrington helped bring about the Good Friday Agreement.

I know I have had my critics, but if you put your head above the parapet then sometimes it will get knocked off.

So thank you all and finally thank you to my wife Kate and children for all the support over the years.

Best wishes to you all.