AS a resident of the Kingswood/Westbrook area, I am appalled at the standard of driving on the majority of roads with speeding being the main issue.

During my daily walk around the area, I witness a significantly high proportion of vehicles being driven at over 40mph (on 30mph roads) and over 50mph (on 40mph roads).

Burtonwood Road from junction eight has become a continuation of the motorway, with vehicles being driven in excess of 60mph.

Crossing a road, particularly near to a roundabout, is done with a high degree of risk to pedestrians.

I have written many times to Warrington Borough Council and Cheshire Constabulary.

The council’s replies state there have not been any collisions due to speed (at least none they are aware of), the constabulary don’t reply.

I recently wrote to Charlotte Nichols MP, but her office has not responded.

She may not be familiar with the area.

To add more danger to the act of speeding, many drivers do not use indicators, and so many drivers are using their hand held phone for texting/reading/calling.

For the council (and presumably the police) to adopt a reactive approach to speeding is not acceptable.

Why should we have to wait until someone is seriously injured or killed before appropriate action is taken.

Many of the offending drivers are from outside the area, visiting Gemini and Westbrook, but local people contribute to the problem.

I hope the expression ‘told you so’ will not be used in the future.

ALAN TARR Warrington