I READ with interest the piece from the boss at Golden Square (Warrington Guardian, April 8).

He was talking about the future of shopping centres.

It was clear he does not think the high street is dead.

And for the most part I agree.

I guess the problem is, what happens to the big empty shops in a town centre?

I walked past Debenhams the other day in Warrington for example.

It will soon be empty. But who would want to move in there?

Primark perhaps? They may like a bigger unit and better position.

But are there any other shops who would consider it? Even John Lewis is closing and not opening.

Could it become a food court? If not, it will just sit empty as the old Marks and Spencer store has.

I see the former Co-op building is being sold for housing, but that is a grand Victorian building with character.

I am not sure people want to live in a shopping centre.

We live in interesting times and I wonder what Warrington town centre will look like in a few years’ time.