I WOULD like to know who has given permission for the Range on Winwick Road to sell non-essential products on their upper floor.

The floor is open for business selling furniture, outdoor spas and other such products.

There are, categorically, no essential items.

Marks and Spencer, Gemini, have closed their upper floor which, as with the Range, is accessed via an escalator.

I have made a request to a member of the council to close the upper floor.

As we are aware, we are not suddenly going to catch Covid-19 by visiting a furniture department.

However, the government says we must limit our contact and travel.

To do this and comply with the government directive, car dealerships, window and kitchen showrooms are all closed.

It is notable that the police are not taking any action against businesses and have stated they will only look at persons such as those having a party at home etc, yet they have taken action against gymnasiums by raiding premises and issuing large fines.

There is no continuity of ensuring everyone is complying with the rules or back up to stop those who are breaking the law.

MRS PM SHIELS Warrington