I WORKED for several decades as a news reporter for a Swedish daily, Östgöta Correspondenten in Linköping, Sweden.

In 1994 I covered the 50th anniversary of the D-Day in Normandy.

One story I never will forget was about Olive and Arthur Jackson from Warrington.

We heard a bagpipe playing at the war cemetery in Hermanville.

I saw a lady crying by a grave together with a man.

We approached them very gentle and the lady, Olive Jackson, was kind enough to tell her story.

Her husband Fred Winterburn was killed on June 6.

She was then carrying his child and gave birth to their son one month later.

Much later, Olive got in touch with her former husband’s war comrades and found new love in Arthur Jackson.

Our readers and me were very touched by this story.

I sent the paper with the story to them and got a warm letter back.

I always have been thinking of them and how their lives have been since then.

I have been trying to locate the family but in vain, as I have not been able to locate anyone.

I would be very grateful if someone could find a way to get in touch with their family.

Editor’s note: If you can help please get in touch via the Warrington Guardian by emailing newsdesk@guardiangrp.co.uk.