SOMETIMES I think Warrington Borough Council goes out of its way to make bizarre decisions.

We have been under restrictions for most of the year.

Our small independent shops and restaurants have been closed for most of the time since October.

For most of that period, Stockton Heath residents have been promised changes to the Forge car park.

I waited and waited and nothing happened.

But last week I saw a sign, warning of disruption because work was starting on April 12.

Now, wasn’t that date familiar?

Of course, that’s right.

That was the day those small shops and restaurants could reopen.

I am sure they will thank the council for starting weeks of work when the car park may be getting busy.

What else could they do?

Maybe start work on the play area at Walton Hall?

Close Bridge Foot for roadworks?

Clean the pool at Woolston Leisure Centre?

Perhaps I best not give them any more ideas.

They have enough mad ones themselves.