I LIKE reading the Yester Years page and the memories last week of the Crosville buses with the trip to Widnes (Warrington Guardian, March 25).

I always remember they stopped in a layby next to the river at Bridge Foot opposite the ABC Cinema.

That no longer exists as is was redesigned some time back.

The bus station was at the side of the ABC where other buses parked.

We would always be fascinated by the white foam on the river as it looked like snow.

The steel railway bridge had Walkers Ales on the side.

When I was a youngster my mother took me and my sister to Rainhill regularly, to visit my grandparents, on the H2 Crosville where we would be met by my grandfather in his car to complete the journey to their house.

Initially it was to Thatto Heath but later they moved to Rainhill.

Once there, we would have our dinner (no such thing as lunch then in our circles) and my grandad would take me out shooting in the grounds of Rainhill Hospital, where he had permission to shoot ‘vermin’.

More often than not we spent most of the time picking mushrooms in the fields and visiting his old nursing staff and doctor.

He had been a charge nurse there but retired.

In the summer I would stay for a few days and Chester Zoo was a usual day out going over the Mersey on the Transporter Bridge at Widnes.

It was quite a piece of machinery in its day.

When we got to the zoo he was friendly with a Mr Mottershead who would usually find something to amuse me.

Once it was a Peacock feather.

A ride on the motor boat was always included.

Yes, I remember those journeys up Liverpool Road and through Great Sankey where it turned off the main route and went on to Station Road and Park Road to rejoin Liverpool Road at the Butchers Arms and on to Rainhill.

There was no M62 then so it was through country roads.

I can’t remember how long it took but it seem ages.