I DECIDED to try out the new Centre Park Link road the other day.

And I have to say, I was very impressed.

It meant I could easily avoid Bridge Foot and save probably five minutes or so.

And enjoy a stress free drive on a near empty road.

Although the right turn at Bank Quay station is a bit of a pain.

A couple of points worth mentioning.

I couldn’t help but think the almost £20million cost for the project is eye watering.

Most of the road was already there.

In effect, there is a new bridge and maybe 500 metres of new road.

I suspect the old road was also resurfaced.

But the best part of £20million is astonishing.

Second, the relaxing drive stopped when a driver overtook me and flew away.

I do fear the long, straight road will see many ignoring the 30mph on there.

Hopefully not.