WITH reference to your feature on the Odsal cup final, all the family (me, dad and five siblings) attended except my mother.

We went on a Standewick coach from Lockers Ellsmere Street works, arranged by my future brother-in-law Billy Dudley.

We got to the stadium pretty early and we were stood at the end where the winning try was scored.

We struggled to get out after the match only to find that the police had moved all the coaches.

After a long search we found our coach and set off. We finally got back to Warrington about midnight.

Next morning I was up for work on the Poplars estate as an apprentice bricklayer. I was 16 years old.

Even with the struggling and messing about I would do it again tomorrow. It was the best result ever. As regards to the crowd I would say a good estimate would be 125,000.

TOMMY SWIFT Houghton Green