ON Monday, there was a Commons vote regarding an amendment to the Fire Safety Bill.

This amendment was to prevent leaseholders having to finance huge remediation costs due to unsafe cladding, and hoping to chase developers and insurers to meet the costs.

This was the second chance to win the vote.

And once again a majority of Conservative MPs chose to vote against, although a lot more Tory MPs voted against the Government this time round.

Our Warrington South MP was among that number.

This veteran MP of 15 months is oblivious to bankruptcy, homelessness and mental health issues of many thousands across the country because only a handful are his constituents.

As no buildings in his constituency have cladding issues, he felt he had no reason to vote for the amendment.

He is aware however that several of his constituents do have property in Runcorn that does have serious cladding issues, but he is not prepared to assist them.

Instead he prefers not to upset the Tory whips.

He states that housing minister Robert Jenrick had previously addressed the situation by providing £5 billion to replace dangerous cladding – this was for buildings over 18 metres.

Loans would be available with a repayment of £50 per month for buildings below 18 metre.

As explained to my MP that several constituents including me, have an apartment just under 18metre.

With loans expected to require £50,000 per apartment.

A repayment of £600 pa is not rocket science to work out how many decades it will require to pay back, and I am 71, so my dependents will inherit a worthless property.

Such is the disinterest from our MP.

Shame on you.