TWO recent news items in Warrington Guardian inform us that ‘new’ traffic lights are going to be installed at the junction of Knutsford Rd, A50, and Station Road.

Even though a council spokesperson couldn’t say whether this would be a permanent or temporary installation, I think we can assume that ‘new’ means permanent.

This junction is extremely busy and will be more so when the traffic from and to the new accommodation on Station Road builds up.

Planners and other writers have made comments about this enormous, out of place development in the past but I want to warn all northbound and southbound A50 users in that area that there will be an immediate, significant daytime queuing problem leading to pollution, time wasting and personal stress.

In recent years similar traffic lights were installed at the same junction which were embarrassingly removed when the same results became clear.

What’s different this time?

If this is the best the planners can come up with it’s time to think again.

Surely the overriding priority is to keep main road traffic moving not to keep stopping it which is the easy option instead of developing up to date road infrastructure.

KEN DAVIES Grappenhall