AS regards Sheila Donlan’s letter I would like to give you a few more details of my memories of times spent at the Bell Hall (Warrington Guardian, March 11).

On a Sunday night six or seven of us would meet in the Kings Head and play a few games of dominoes.

We would then move on to the Hawthorn pub in Orford Lane for a few scoops.

We would then call at the shop on the corner of Grounds Street for a packet of mints.

Next was a dash to the Bell Hall before 9pm otherwise no entry for us.

On any occasion when we didn’t make it for the 9pm deadline we would go round the back to the kitchen where hopefully one of our girlfriends would be in there preparing the refreshments.

The seven of us had girlfriends and they were from all different parishes so at least one of them was there to let us in.

After the last dance at 10.30pm our girlfriends were just about on speaking terms with us.

We would gather outside and then off to take our girls home.

I don’t think any of us had a short walk to the girlfriends’ home.

Like Sheila said many of us met our spouses at the Bell Hall.

I met Olive Davies who was to be my wife of almost 60 years.

One of the singers Barry Wilcox was my school mate from Our Lady’s School Latchford.

TOMMY SWIFT Houghton Green