HOW on earth can Gary Bebbington (Warrington Guardian letters, March 4) say police officers are not a special case for priority Covid vaccines?

I have come to the conclusion that he picks a subject at random just so he can see his name in print.

Of course police officers deal with the homeless, being spat on, searching people.

It’s all part of their job on a daily basis.

I imagine the police have a lot more to deal with than the mentioned aviation security officers.

After all, since shut-down there are a lot less flights coming into airports now but the police are still working at full capacity.

I personally know of one police officer who repeatedly contracted coronavirus at work and infected the rest of his family.

So please Mr Bebbington, if you don’t already do so, do some voluntary work, don’t boast about it and stop all this unnecessary nitpicking.

JOAN SMITH Great Sankey