I’VE often wondered what happened to the script writers for the comedian Dave Allen after he died, well it would appear that they are now working for Warrington Borough Council.

Here’s an example of what their next script is likely to be, part of which they appear to have already written.

WBC decided that they needed to do something to relieve the traffic congestion around Bridge Foot.

So the planners said ‘we’ll build a bridge from Chester Road and a dedicated road which would terminate facing the police station, this would ease traffic flow at Bridge Foot’.

‘Good idea’, said the council, so the new bridge was built.

While the new bridge was being built WBC looked at a map of the area and decided to allow 500 houses to be built on the adjoining land despite warnings of previous flooding in those areas saying that ‘we’ll provide the new occupants with one boat per house’.

So the bridge was built and opened to traffic and the traffic flowed a lot easier at Bridge Foot.

The planners then approved the building of 500 new homes and as usual incorporated an allowance for at least two vehicles per house.

A junction was made in the middle of the new road for up to 1,000 vehicles from the new homes trying to access the new road at peak times in the mornings.

A few years down the line a new WBC committee met to decide what to do about the traffic jams which stretched for miles along Chester Road due to the hold ups caused by the new housing estate.

Meanwhile WBC’s finance committee were rubbing their hands and counting the millions of pounds that they had extracted in rates from the new home owners while wondering what to squander this money on next.

JACK COX Warrington