LAST Wednesday a TV programme was shown on Channel 5 regarding the driving standards/speeding on Cheshire’s roads.

A crash on the M6 was covered in great detail.

On a four-lane section of the motorway, one consisted of stationary traffic which reduced the capacity to three lanes.

Dashcam footage, taken from a HGV, showed the truck following a silver car hogging lane three.

I can only assume the truck driver became so frustrated at being held up he decided to undertake the silver car.

Unfortunately, there was a car in his near side blind spot that he collided with and this resulted in a 10-vehicle crash, two trucks and eight cars were involved.

The truck driver was prosecuted by the police.

At no time in the following discussion about the crash was the silver car, hogging lane three, mentioned.

If the driver of the silver car had been following the Highway Code, and had been in lane two, the crash would, probably, never have happened.

This would have saved the emergency services thousands of pounds, and the enormous costs to the insurance companies regarding ten damaged vehicles.

It is about time the police got hold of the problem of lane hogging, it has reached epidemic proportions.