IN the past seven days Cllr Russ Bowden has said that he is saddened by not receiving additional flooding support money from the Government after the recent severe flooding in Warrington.

Well how sad are you really when you and your planning committee have just approved plans for a development of more than 500 houses on a flood plain on the banks of the Mersey?

Your committee stated that ‘there are no records of flooding on that site’, well that is probably because the flooding has gone unnoticed by WBC due to that land not being used.

When I was a child we lived in River Road (adjacent to the old level crossing) and I used to go catching tiddlers, toads and crested newts on the land in question with my friends.

Very often due to high tides that land got flooded and always remained wet and very marshy no matter what time of the year.

With my knowledge of that land, there is no way that I would even consider buying a new house there, not even if the council included a lifeboat and King Canute.

JACK COX Warrington