READING in the Warrington Guardian about memories of the Carlton Club (Warrington Guardian, February 25).

I worked behind the bar at the Lion Hotel and on a Friday night we used to go to the Carlton after we had finished work.

My best memory was one Bank Holiday Sunday, Bill Haley and the Comets played there.

He came on at midnight and we danced all night.

It truly was a night to remember.


THE memories of the Carlton Club got me thinking in last week’s Guardian.

Everyone seems to have such fond recollections and stories of that place.

What will be the stories this generation passes down?

To think we had the Carlton in Warrington, we were so lucky.

Some of the biggest names came right here to a club you got up some narrow stairs.

Ben E King, Rick Astley, Bill Haley, Edwin Starr.

The list goes on.

They were magical times we were lucky to live through.

Today’s young people would have to go to Manchester or Liverpool for something similar.

I really hope they can have something similar in Warrington.

I hope the new Carlton Cafe can spark a resurgence of Sankey Street, because the town centre really needs it.

It would be lovely to think that people in 50 years would be swapping memories of the great times they had there.

Certainly after the past year we have had, young people deserve something to really look forward to.