I REFER to your article regarding the Bewsey and Dallam Hub and it falling behind in its opening having suffered damage from the recent flooding (Warrington Guardian, February 18).

The site is notorious for flooding.

The surveyors for the site should have discovered that in their searches.

Yet WBC pushed ahead with the development determined to waste council taxpayers money on a development that wasn’t clearly required when a similar amenity was located less than a mile away at the jubilee centre in Orford.

Furthermore, yet again WBC have failed to receive a return on its investments because the hub hasn’t even taken money off customers due to the failing to open it to the public for use.

How long are we to suffer this white elephant that in five to 10 years will be obsolete?

In the forthcoming elections in may I urge the constituents to think who they vote into power do we want this current council to keep wasting tax payers money?