MY belief in democracy, and that plurality is the safest and best method of government, has made me a Liberal and I welcome a wide range of people and ideas coming into Government and on to councils.

I was interested to read ‘The Fly in the Ointment’ column in last week’s Guardian talking about more independent candidates possibly standing in the local elections this May.

I would, however, point out that election is likely to be even more difficult than usual for Independents this year, as the Westminster Government has decided that volunteer door-to-door delivery of literature may not be allowed.

The Government planning document suggests that leaflets must only be delivered by post or by commercial delivery services.

Both are very expensive options for individuals or small political parties.

No explanation is given by government as to why delivery by people employed by a commercial delivery service is ‘Covid-secure’ but delivery by residents doing their permitted one hour exercise period out of the house is not.