I’M disabled with a spinal cord injury and now been diagnosed with a throat restriction.

I have been to the hospital a few times.

Each time, I have had to park on the main car park.

Not a problem you think, but oh yes it is as everyone who is disabled and in a wheelchair can’t get off the car park because of the poor parking on the dropped kerbs.

The cars are parking illegally on the chequered boxes.

This makes it so the disabled have to go round the car park that is not safe as there are potholes everywhere and uneven surfaces.

I have nearly tipped my wheelchair over each time.

The dropped down kerbs are not fit for purpose as we can’t get up them before cars come round the bend.

They are too steep.

The bubbles on the footpath makes it very difficult to go up.

Please let me know how a car park that has been pay per hour, before lockdown, has never been maintained.

JOE HANKEY Warrington