THE Springbook may not be everybody’s ideal eating or drinking venue, but it is the only such family friendly establishment in the area which caters for a wide range of adults during the daytime and young families in the early evenings and at weekends.

I was therefore horrified to read in your column that a predator ‘care home’ developer is in the process of submitting plans to redevelop the site for yet another ‘care home’; isn’t there enough of these in Grappenhall already?

The public relations briefing put out by the developer contains the usual meaningless spin, ‘will create x number of jobs’, ‘state of the art facilities’ etc but to many residents in the area it will mean the loss of yet another local amenity to be replaced by a building that brings absolutely nothing to the local community.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has placed the restaurant/pub sector in an awful position and one can understand why the owners have found it difficult to reject what I suspect is a lucrative offer, but do we want this type of facility replacing a much-valued local amenity at a convenient location in our community?

It would be interesting to hear what our parish council and borough council representatives, who always claim to be acting to protect and maintain local amenities, have to say on the subject.

Finally, can I suggest that if there really is the demand for yet another ‘care home’ in Grappenhall, the developers look at the vacant site half a mile away on the A50 opposite the Cheshire Dogs’ Home.