MY mother’s home flooded last week, leaving her devastated.

But, as a family, we have been overwhelmed by the response from the people of Warrington.

We want to thank everyone who has taken the time to offer help, provide food and furnishings and be there in her hour of need.

It has meant so much at such a difficult time.


NOW that Warrington has suffered significant flooding, is the council going to go around every street and clear all the blocked gullies?

A lot of the problem will have been caused by water not being able to flow down from the surface causing the much bigger issue.

Around our estate, every corner you turn into at least one is blocked after heavy rain.

I remember this job being done on a regular basis, but not anymore.

Also, are the waterways going to get dredged to clear them of the rubbish causing issues with flooding again?

This used to be a regular occurrence.


I WOULD like to thank Direct Taxis for helping people in the town.

They have been delivering food for people working with the ambulance service taking people to and from hospital.

The past few days they have also been helping people out of flooded homes to safety.

In one example, a power lift taxi was sent to a home on Winwick Road in Longford on Thursday night, lifting a elderly lady in a wheelchair and taking her to safety.


OVER the years, planners and the Environment Agency in Warrington have let flood plains be built on and watercourses restricted by pipes etc.

Well Lane Meadow and Ditchfield Farm field make up the flood plain for Penketh Brook.

In the recent rains, both field were filled to capacity.

However, some gardens in St Austell Close, Chapel Road and Hall Nook were flooded.

Given what has happened in other parts of Warrington, it is absolutely critical that this flood plain is retained for the future.

Penketh needs this flood plain.