Now that the damage has been done to many homes in the Dallam/Orford areas pray tell me why does it take something like this to spark the council into life.

I have never seen so many hi viz jackets round here.

For the first time in ages we have had all the drain grids cleared and street cleaning vehicles up and down our road. It's a bit like Christmas (once a year).

Why isn't the council proactive instead of being reactive as I am not saying this flooding would not have happened but if these things had been done on a regular basis during the year or at specific times the situation might not have been so bad for some people.

You look at other areas in Warrington and they don't suffer as bad as Dallam/Orford.

Do we have anyone fighting our corner, our ward councillors are conspicuous by their absence and in my opinion do not represent the area, I spoke to one of them last year regarding issues in our area after making a complaint to the council, a couple of conversations later a couple of my issues get resolved and then silence for another six months.

This area and the people who are now clearing out and cleaning out their flooded properties need answers.