GREEN waste collection was brought in to increase the nation’s recycling in line with commitments made several years before.

It was seen as a quick solution to avoiding an EU fine for failing to recycle. Brexit or not it is a recycling issue not a revenue stream.

The compost made from the waste is sold on.

In many areas the original promise was the public would get the compost back but it was soon forgotten, then charged for. then not available to the public.

A history of petty bureaucracy slowly strangling the rights of the public to a service and trying to blame others.


THE council is always banging on about us recycling more.

But the communal recycle bins are only emptied every two weeks despite them being full after just three days.

I have brought this to the attention of the council but just get a brush off, telling me that recycled waste will not be collected more often.

I find this so hypocritical of them as it is them who promote the recycling.


THE waste bins around the Woolston cut paths and the bins near the children’s swings area are full and overflowing and even thought the dog walkers can see this they are now piling it up on the ground.

Some right next to the swings where children are playing.

We have some very lazy and inconsiderate dog walkers that cannot seem to take it home.

LINDA MCKAY Warrington