I WENT into Lidl for some shopping and while waiting to pay a lady pushed passed me, nearly knocking me over.

She had no mask on and was very rude.

When I was paying for my shopping I asked the cashier to confirm why the wearing of masks were not being monitored and questioned.

He said it was not his problem, so I asked to speak to the manager and he told me after I explained about the lady and pointed her out that ‘they were not his rules’.

I said it was the Government’s rules to wear masks in shops.

No wonder Covid is high if even shops are letting people in without masks, especially as she pushed me out the way.

So no masks and no two metre distance – that’s me finished with Lidl.


ON Sunday I used Morrisons’ click and collect service for the first time.

I was rather anxious about the whole thing but to my surprise, it was such a positive experience.

I was collecting it for a friend and so I made my way to Morrisons; a supermarket I never use as I live in Penketh.

I followed the signs for the click and collect and confirmed through my email that I had arrived.

A lovely young man called Alfie wheeled out the goods and put them in my car for me.

He was courteous, the service was excellent and of course, the fact that he was easy on the eye made my experience a truly satisfying one.

I am fed up with the constant stream of negativity that we face every time we lift a paper or switch on the TV.

MARY GORMAN Warrington