ON our walk we walked by the Bridgewater Canal into the lovely Walton Gardens.

I have to say the canal towpath for a few hundred metres there is in a terrible state (as it was in the spring lockdown), so we walked back on the road as it was safer.

Later we walked on passing over the A49 swing bridge at Stockton Heath and what a disgrace it is, rusty and paint falling off.

What an impression they make of our town.

I checked who owns the Bridgewater Canal and surprise surprise it is Peel Holdings, so no surprise about the towpath.

They have got away with painting the bridges for years, and I even remember Faisal Rashid getting a promise ‘starting May 2019’ – nothing happened.

The lockdown last year would have been ideal as Peel said a bridge would have to be closed for six months, but they only seem interested in making money and not giving anything back to Warrington.

Could I ask that someone, the council or our MP Andy Carter, get involved and sort this out please.