I WAS admitted to Warrington Hospital on December 23 for the third time since October.

I have severe COPD and I am prone to chest infections.

Every chest infection leads to being admitted to hospital, and I do not recover without steroids, antibiotics and round the clock care of the nursing staff and doctors.

On my last admission I did not leave the hospital until Friday.

During my time in Warrington Hospital I caught Covid-19 and was transferred to their immediate care Covid-19 ward A7/A8.

Although I was not the most poorly of the patients on the wards during my stay patients come and go, some back home to their families and others not so lucky.

I wanted to write to you to share the experience.

All of the doctors, nurses and ward staff are working around the clock to make sure that all of the Covid patients are getting the full care that they need, it was very busy, beds were filled, and more bed spaces were made on the ward to accommodate new patients coming in.

Whilst on the ward two people sadly died. I believe that I am very lucky.

All the staff are doing their best to keep people alive.

They are tired and worn out but they keep going, they keep smiling, they keep doing their best for the patients on the ward.

I was given the best care, better than any other hospital I have been admitted to.

Covid is very real.

I wish that this is over for the NHS nurses soon and that people begin to realise and are more disciplined with restrictions.

I struggle to breathe – I am exempt from wearing a mask, but I still wear a mask.