IN your article you state that more than 80,000 motorists have been fined for exceeding the ‘temporary’ 50mph speed limit between junctions 10 and 12 on the M62 (Warrington Guardian, December 31).

This limit, according to your article, has been in place for two and a half years.

Is it any wonder drivers are getting a little fed up and exceed the speed limit?

If this goes on much longer I think I will mark the calendar when I actually see a worker on this stretch of the motorway, because they are a rarity.

While I do not condone speeding, all too often you can read a report of a police officer saying that speed kills, although this was not actually stated in your report.

This, in my opinion is not true.

A few years ago I saw, on TV, a man drive a car at 750mph to break the land speed record, and stepped out of the car completely unharmed.

How fast do you actually need to drive to kill yourself, and possibly others?

However I will say that speed, at the wrong time, in the wrong place, in the wrong hands, kills.

Doing 70mph on a motorway with no workers and a few cones in situ hardly constitutes roadworks, and justifies a reduced speed limit.

With regards to roadworks, why is it that after 30 months they have not been completed?

A few years ago Japan suffered a tsunami which demolished a motorway bridge. About three months later (if memory serves me correctly) this had been rebuilt and was up and running.

What on earth is going wrong with these particular roadworks.

Somebody, somewhere is responsible for this fiasco and should be brought to task over it.