WHEN I was a little boy, aged about six or seven, maybe eight, I had a scooter.

It was unlike any other scooter I’ve ever seen.

It was red and had solid wheels (no spokes, I mean), about a foot in diameter, with solid rubber tyres.

The unique feature was a pedal at the front.

The pedal was like a letter Y with a bar across the arms.

With one foot on the footplate, you pressed down on the pedal with the other foot.

This pulled a chain that went around a cog on the back wheel and propelled the scooter forward.

A spring on the other end of the chain returned the pedal to the starting position via a freewheel on the back wheel.

When the scooter was moving quite fast, I was able to jump on the pedal with both feet and jump up and down on it.

One Christmas I got my first bike, a Raleigh Trent Tourist.

I didn’t play with the scooter very much after that.

We lived at the fish and chip shop in Scott Street then, but in 1958 we moved to Southdale Road, Paddington.

We took the scooter with us, but after a while we decided to sell it.

We put an advert in the paper and it was soon sold.

I’ve regretted that over the past few years, so I’ve scoured the internet to find one like mine, with no success.

I don’t know where mine came from.

I’m sure it was second-hand and if it had a maker’s name on it I don’t remember ever seeing it.

So, did you buy my scooter?