I NOTE that a toucan crossing is going to be installed 10 metres North of Latchford swing bridge on Knutsford Road for Trans Pennine Trail users (Warrington Guardian, December 17).

In my opinion this is completely unnecessary and will increase congestion for north and southbound traffic on the A50 route.

Surely there is a massive imbalance between help and hinder here, so much so that if there is a problem, the way round it is to guide the users through the existing tunnels towards the pedestrian crossing approximately 30 metres away.

Only a few years ago traffic lights were installed, almost in the same position as this additional crossing, for traffic to exit Station Road.

After a few months they were embarrassingly removed when the delays for A50 users became obvious.

One definition of madness is to do the same thing twice and hope for a different result.

Over to you Gary, I trust you can make even more Christmas mincemeat of this idea.

KEN DAVIES Grappenhall