I REMEMBER being taught by Mrs Anderson as we knew her, for at least 10 years (Warrington Guardian, December 17).

Through the lifeguard classes and then finally in senior school on our regular swimming lessons to the baths.

I progressed to the level of bronze bar in life saving and actually obtained two bars from the Life Saving and Shipwreck Society, this involved swimming with your clothes on, diving for a rubber brick on the bottom of the pool and life saving someone from the pool and giving artificially respiration on the pool side.

She was a very good instructor, patient but firm.

There was a gala held each year in the gala pool or as we called it the ‘tens’ and each age group of the life guards competed against each other, which when you are age nine or 10 was a long way as it was an Olympic sized pool.

I have very happy memories of my swimming instructor and I have tried to use her methods to teach child and adults how to swim and stay safe.

The worst thing that ever happened was to lose the Warrington Baths off Legh Street, as I continued from childhood to adulthood with my swimming by going in my lunch hour as I worked in town.