THE move to bring apartments back into Warrington town centre finally offers some hope for the future.

It is great to see brownfield sites being used – not only as it means less reliance on green belt for development – but also because it means houses people can actually afford.

We keep reading about new four-bed estates in Appleton Thorn and Stretton and Great Sankey.

But that isn’t helping the housing crisis is it.

That isn’t providing more homes for first time buyers.

It is simply building big houses for out of towners who want to set up homes in Warrington.

By building apartments in the town centre, we can offer homes for less then £100,000 hopefully that our sons and daughters can actually afford.

So rather than councillors moaning about the aesthetics of new builds such as the one planned for Winwick Street (Warrington Guardian, December 10), maybe they should support them.

After all, aren’t these the same councillors who try to block building on the green belt too.

We do have to have some new builds.

Construction seems to be one area of the economy that is actually doing well.

And more people in the town centre will help the wider economy too.