THEY always say a week is a long time in politics.

Well it has been a year since Boris Johnson has been elected.

And what a year.

There is no way anybody could have predicted such a pandemic.

These have been unprecedented times.

This government has done incredibly well (by and large) with furlough to help the working man and to get the vaccine before everyone else has been a great success too.

But in almost every other department, Mr Johnson has been a disaster.

Going back to March, it is clear we took too long to shut the borders and keep the infection at bay.

Just when we should have gone ‘all Brexit’ we didn’t.

Allowing thousands of people here without a check, and letting thousands of people gather at sport matches and concerts.

We then had the PPE scandal, the award of contracts to Tory pals, the worst death rate in Europe and one of the worst in the world.

And we have a Brexit farce which continues to rumble on.

Two weeks until we leave – but still no deal.

Despite there being an oven ready one months and months ago.

I guess the oven is broken.

A bit like Britain under this hopeless PM.

Of course, as he always does, no doubt Boris will come out smelling of roses.

He will come out of Brexit talks with a deal, claiming success and we have the vaccine.

The man continues to defy logic.

Let’s hope in another 12 months his current party will turn against him and kick him out.

Some chance.