I FULLY agree with David Jones’ letter (Warrington Guardian, December 10).

I see regular, flagrant disregard of the legal requirement for individuals and businesses to use the required PPE.

In particular, hairdressers and barbers in Fearnhead stand in full public view while flouting the law.

The Cheshire Constabulary website facility for reporting this breach is either not working or has been disabled. Aside from the risk to public health, it is down to responsible public behaviour to prevent Warrington from being moved to tier 3 before Christmas.

This will seriously impact people’s lives and businesses.

The selfish discomfort of wearing PPE is trivial in comparison.

Many professions wear PPE for extended periods, not least of which is the health profession who will take care of them when they and their loved ones fall ill.

Barbers, hairdressers and their clients need to get used to it like others do.

Businesses that allow or practice the lack of appropriate use of PPE should be boycotted.