I’M aware of the safety rules when travelling on our local buses.

However I’m very aware that the buses just drive past stops because they’re only allowing so many passengers on.

I’m a key worker who relies on public transport to get to work every day, this is getting very difficult when drivers just don’t stop because the bus is full to capacity.

My bus, number 25, in a morning is full of college kids, most of those don’t, or won’t, wear a face covering.

But us key workers, who actually need to work and pay for our transport, can’t even get on the bus.

I’ve got a letter stating I’m a key worker, those of us who have such letters should have priority on public transport.

My work colleague had to get a taxi to work again this morning because the driver refused to stop for her.

I find this completely unacceptable.

Key workers have and will continue to be the backbone while this pandemic is around, the least we can expect is to be able to get on the bus.

We don’t get reduced fares in taxis, so we rely on public transport.

I’ve asked that maybe they can use a double decker bus in a morning, so we can all get on safely.

Luckily I am my colleague’s line manager so I knew exactly why she was late for work, I’ve had to use taxis before now as the bus just didn’t turn up.