I WOULD like to thank you for your article in the Warrington Guardian on November 18 regarding the plan to build five private homes on the site of Manor Road Tennis Club in Lymm.

Without this article, residents would have had no idea that planning permission had been applied for.

These plans have obviously been some time in gestation, but there has been zero consultation and engagement with residents from the development company, tennis club or rugby club.

The first official notice of the planning application arrived nine days later on November 27 – a Warrington Borough Council letter giving 21 days to comment from the 18th, ie a significant reduction in the time available to study the plans and add comments.

While I accept that some development of the site may be desirable, there are many issues with the proposals which could be much improved and may be in breach of current planning regulations.

A pre-planning consultation exercise with residents would have smoothed the way for an acceptable development.

Sadly residents have now been given the impression that developers were trying to sneak this application through behind our backs.

In addition, to the many physical issues with the development plans, I believe the ownership of the land may be questionable.

The land appears to have been sold by WBC to the development company for £1 – this is surely not ‘market value’ for residential development land?

How will the council be recompensed for the market value of this land?