ALL we get is doom and gloom about Covid-19 and all the deaths.

Every death is a tragedy and hopefully the death toll will soon show a steady reduction.

Perhaps some better news would be to show the numbers of people who have survived this dreaded infection.

I have just looked at the BBC website to find out some figures.

There they said that there have been 1,527,495 cases and 55,220 deaths.

This means that 1,472,265 people have come out the other side.

Therefore, on these figures, the mortality rate comes out at 3.6 per cent.

We, the public, must be doing something right.

I realise that there are many more cases that are never diagnosed as they haven’t been tested and thus never show in the statistics.

If any viewers watched the recent TV programmes about the plague, they would have perhaps noticed some of the preventive measures to control it were very similar to those we are enduring today.

The death rate from the plague was horrific.