DURING lockdown we have been advised to go out walking.


Using a rollator (recommended by my doctor) to counteract peripheral neuropathy, I thought the obvious place was the pavement.

Having tried this twice, it is an absolute nightmare.

The state of the pavements on Grappenhall Road is a disgrace.

For more than half of my quarter of an hour walk, I have to use my rollator on the two back wheels only as the front wheel gets into holes and ruts and I could go over the front.

I cannot go in a straight line and depend on finding some minute patches that are smooth, which is almost impossible.

Having lived on Grappenhall Road for more than 50 years, I could never have imagined that the pavements could get so bad.

Can something be done to rectify this pavement, which runs alongside the main A56 where the traffic does not appreciate the 30mph that is imposed?