WELL, well.

Warrington Borough Council has got the hump because a number of Warringtonians went to the Cenotaph at Bridge Foot on Remembrance Sunday.

Who’d have thought it?

How dare they.

It seems WBC cannot contemplate adults not needing the council to ‘organise’ or, for crying out loud, ‘invite’ them to pay their respects.

Cllr Bob Barr (Warrington Guardian, November 12) says ‘people would like to know who organised it’ and ‘did anyone raise concerns’.

Why does this jobsworth think we have to be ‘organised’ in order to pay our respects?

Sadly, WBC’s little tantrum has extended to wasting police time and money on an ‘investigation’ into why people went to the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday and laid wreaths.

Anyone with a sense of propriety and gratitude towards the fallen knows that a visit to a cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday at 11am is the British way.

Cllr Barr should understand that ‘requests by the council for people not to attend the cenotaph’ are simply requests that can be treated with the contempt they deserve.

And of course they were, by hundreds of people including, it would seem in this case, the police.

The moment was marked and without the expense of WBC involvement.

With a view to next year’s ceremony, it is clear that WBC need not be involved in it at all.

A lot of council tax-payers’ money was saved by WBC pulling out.

No Sunday morning overtime pay for council staff for a start.

Even the police won’t be charging to police a ‘non-event’.

There’s a word for this.

It is ‘voluntary’.



I HAVE no issue with people stopping at the cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday.

As long as people were doing it quietly and keeping away from others in an outdoor area what is the problem?

As always though, the politicians ruined it.

We had our Tory MP, who seems to increasingly want to be teacher’s pet in Parliament, and the head of the local Conservative party posting on social media and arranging photo shoots at what should have been a solemn occasion.

Couldn’t wait to brag about how great they are on Facebook.

All while they ignore their own Government’s advice.

Then we have the council leader claiming he just happened to be walking past.

At 11am, on Remembrance Sunday?

Do us a favour.

No wonder faith in politicians is at an all time low.